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Vicky Sarah


Hi, I’m Vicky, soul-centred intuitive animal communicator, reiki healer and astrologer based in West Yorkshire, UK, specialising in animal behaviour.

 ❤️ I’m passionate about helping animals in need and giving them a voice.​

❤️ I will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your animal and their needs. 

Animals are pure love. They have always brought me absolute joy and happiness. Growing up my best friend in the world was Fluffy (AKA Fluff), our beautiful long haired ginger cat (see photo below),  I instinctively knew that Fluff connected with me on a deep level, a soul level. I always remember her finding me and comforting me if I was feeling sad. She’d be by my side or on my lap wherever I was. Fluff was my best friend and confidant. I have two cats, my furry family, who I totally adore, they are Macy and Buffy ❤️

I believe our animal family have the purest and most loving souls and are powerful healers. They are guardians of our beautiful planet and help us to learn and grow as human beings. They teach us the purest kind of unconditional love, in addition to kindness, patience and mindfulness. And so much more.​

Working with animals was a cherished childhood dream for me. A few years ago, I was told that I have natural healing abilities, which as an empath and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), helped me to find my path and follow my calling to work with animals. I began my studies in animal healing in 2020, studying for Niki Senior’s Animal Magic Healing Diploma.  Niki’s course is the only animal therapy training establishment to offer post-nominal letters. I completed my studies in July 2022 graduating with a Distinction (AMAHDip).
During my studies I helped cats, dogs and horses. using a combination of animal reiki, communication and astrology.

In 2021 I completed my studies in Usui Reiki energy healing with Yorkshire Therapy, and I am qualified to Usui Reiki Second Degree level. I have also completed a Diploma in Feline Behaviour and continue to expand my professional development, knowledge and learning in this area.​ I am a fully-insured and skilled practitioner in distance animal communication and reiki. I am also a self-taught pet astrologer, my interest in the esoteric started at around age 13. I love to share my astrological knowledge with my clients to help them understand their animal’s personality.​

 I'd love to work together and help you gain a deeper understanding into your soul journey with your beautiful animal family. 

             With love and blessings,

Vicky x

Cat on a table


I aim to bring you closer to your beloved animal. To help you to understand them on a deeper level and enrich your beautiful soul journey together. 

It is my soul mission to give a voice to your beloved fur family, and to bring in healing from the highest and brightest to them.

To help facilitate positive change, I use my LOVE™ Methodology 

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