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Mauri and Charlie the cat, Oxford

“Vicky is a marvellous pet Reiki practitioner and animal communicator with a unique gift to reach out to your pet. She was able to help me with my cat, in conjunction with our Vet, which made an amazing recovery going back to enjoy the last few months/years of its life as a happy, independent creature. Her empathy and distance communication abilities make her work unique and highly valuable particularly at most trying times. Can't really thank her enough.”

Angela and Teaspoon the cat, Australia

“I am so grateful for the healing that Teaspoon received from Vicky. I noticed a lot of improvement in his presentation. From the first session the connection between us became closer. We sensed each other in a new more energetic way which is beautiful. A few times I was aware that the work was being done. This gave me great confidence in the treatment being done from a distance.  


I wasn’t aware that he was suffering with tooth pain. Vicky told me about the pain and before I could get Teaspoon to the vet he had a dental crisis and went into surgery to have a tooth removed. Vicky brought his next session forward and did it while he was in surgery which was very comforting. Vicky’s support and healing really helped us through this troubling time.”

Jess and Colin the cat, West Yorkshire

“Vicky was a wonderful healer for my cat. I noticed an immediate difference in his mood after her sessions. She was even able to pick up on my cat's teeth and turned out that he needed to have three extracted. Thank you Vicky!”


Lauren and Benjy the dog, Somerset, UK

“I can’t thank you enough for helping my baby and I’ve seen a huge change in him. I can not recommend enough. At first I thought my dog was gone beyond help but with the help of Vicky we can now enjoy life again."

Lynne and Teddy the horse, UK

“Thank you so much for all your help. Great communication experience for my equine. Very professional Reiki practitioner. Excellent detailed reports and properly organised booking slots. Have already recommended  Vicky to my clients and would again."

Lynne Riddell

Accredited Professional Coach

Ann and Bear the dog, Ireland

All in all Vicky, these animal reiki and communication sessions

have been great and there is a difference in Bear. Thank you so much for this opportunity. We seem to have a better understanding of one another.”

Laura and Bramble the cat, West Yorks

From Bramble’s behaviour, I think your distance healing has helped her to relax and trust us more. She’s seemed more at ease and I also believe it’s given her extra support during a difficult time health wise. After each session she seemed very relaxed and comfortable. She also seems to be more confident around her sister, the dominant cat.”

Thank you so much for the healing. You have a special gift of connection, empathy and understanding with animals. You’ve made a difference to Bramble and I know you’ll help many more animals.”

Grey Cat


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