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How it works - Remote Animal Sessions
Watch my short explainer video to find out more...

How it works - step-by-step

1. Place your order and make payment online.

2.  The session will be scheduled for your animal and confirmed by email.

3. You will be sent a new client questionnaire to complete, which includes uploading a photo of your animal. This needs to be returned with 24 hours of the scheduled session.

4. The remote session takes place on chosen date and time. I connect to your animal energetically by touching their photo. I make written notes of messages and chakra observations (depending on which service has been booked). If you prefer you can request an audio recording of the communication session (extra charge).

5. After the session – you will receive an email with a PDF of the notes (messages) from the session and a chakra observation form if you have requested reiki, or an audio file if you requested this.

I will happily answer any questions you may have after reading thee notes from the session.

Vicky. x

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