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LOVE Methodology™

As a qualified and caring animal healer and communicator, I am committed to practicing to the highest codes of ethics. This is why, to ensure my clients receive a consistent and quality service from me, I created my signature LOVE Methodology™, to ensure each animal receives the same level of care and follow up. This is my framework for providing a high quality, caring and compassionate remote pet healing service for you and your animal ❤️

  • Listen –A real skill of being present, using intuition and connection. When I begin working with an animal I will seek to listen to any words, thoughts, images, messages and even songs that come through. This can include how the animal is feeling, what they are doing, what is happening around them and even what they enjoy eating, or don’t!

  • Observe – Through distance animal reiki I work through each chakra one-by-one and observe how the energy is flowing in each of the body's meridian points. 

  • Validate – It is important that I seek validation of any observations from you, as the animal’s caregiver and/or owner.

  • Enrich – The feedback I provide following each of my sessions gives you valuable information to work with to improve your animal’s wellbeing.


Image by Trent Hancock
Image by Matthew Fournier
Image by Erika Fletcher
Image by Adeolu Eletu

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