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Reiki means 'mysterious atmosphere,
miraculous sign.' It is formed from the Japanese words “rei” (universal) and“ki” (life energy)

Animal reiki

Image by Jamie Street

Reiki works to heal your animal at an energetic level and helps to find the root of any imbalance, disharmony, disconnection and dis-ease in their energy and chakras, which are energy points in the body.

The role of the animal healer is to assist animals by tuning into and working to channel reiki to each of the chakras. This includes identifying which chakras are out of balance, and helping to bring these back into balance.  As a healer, I work to identify any challenges that the animal may be experiencing on a physical, emotional, mental, behavioural or spiritual level. Animal healing can help with:

  • Providing support and healing for trauma, illness or injury (but is not a substitute for veterinary treatment)

  • Helping you to form a deeper understanding of your animal when their behaviour is puzzling or seems inappropriate to you, as their guardian

Reiki is universal energy and flows the same, whether at a distance or in person. Time and distance are no limit which means it doesn't matter if your animal is just down the road or 4,000 miles away.

At the time of your animal’s scheduled session, all I ask is that, if possible, you try to be with your animal so that can observe them. I will always try to arrange the session for a time that is convenient for you to do this.

Distant animal reiki or remote animal reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by distance and time. Distance pet reiki is the same as contact reiki, apart from the fact that it is not in person, you can stay in the comfort of your own home and be with your animal whilst the reiki is being sent.

I personally find that distance healing works very well for most of my clients, as many  animals in need of help with behavioural issues can feel quite unsettled and apprehensive around new people visiting them in person.

Book a distance reiki session 

A 30 minute session following the LOVE Methodology™ 

I can’t thank you enough for helping Benjy and I’ve seen a huge change in him. Keep up the good work, you are doing amazing.

Lauren, Somerset, UK

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