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4 interesting facts about rabbits

In honour of the Year of the Water Rabbit (Gui Mao) and to show love and increase our understanding of our animal family, here are four interesting facts about the soft, fluffy and simply adorable creatures.

1. They are super sociable and loving

Rabbits are social creatures with gentle natures and individual personalities and prefer living with another rabbit or in small

groups. They make wonderful pets and need just as much attention and love as a cat or dog.

2. They are super quick!

Rabbits can run at speeds of around 18mph. They can also jump between 3-4ft high and over 9ft horizontally.

3. Their teeth never stop growing

Rabbit teeth continue to grow throughout their lives, so it’s important to feed them mostly grass and hay, which helps wear down the teeth to a normal size.

4. They express their happiness through ‘binkies’.

This is when they jump up into the air and twist their head and body in opposite directions. This can happen from standing still or running. A quick flick of the head and ears is known as half-binky. This is another sign of happiness. Utterly adorable!

Vicky. x

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