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What is Animal Magic Healing?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

I wanted to share a little bit about my animal healing studies in addition to Usui Reiki, specifically my Animal Magic Healer Diploma (AMAHDip). My diploma was a three-part training course developed by animal healer and Reiki Master Niki Senior.

As a healing system and modality, Animal Magic helps facilitate healing on a number of levels for animals. It helps with emotional, physical, mental and spiritual needs and also helps to address puzzling behavioural problems.

Consent is important in Animal Magic, and also for any type of animal reiki or healing modality. This is not just about consent from you as the caregiver, I will also ensure your animal is happy to receive the healing. Most animals are very receptive to healing.

By applying my learnings, understanding and awareness of your animal’s energy, chakras and anatomy, I am able to help facilitate positive changes by providing a healing presence. This is done through the application of hands on or distance healing, and working to balance specific chakras, or energy points.

As a practitioner, I work with love and care to team up with you, as your animal’s family and care giver, to guide you to get to know them better. Animal Magic is about working in harmony with veterinary and allied animal health professionals but is in no way a replacement for medical treatment.

Building on my studies, I have also developed my own unique LOVE™ methodology to help facilitate positive change and will share more about this soon.

Vicky. x

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