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Animal communication


In each of my distance animal healing and communication sessions, I will connect to your animal energetically, using a photograph. I then channel reiki to them and work through each chakra, one by one, listening and making notes of any sensations, images or messages that I receive.

When I connect to your animal, I intuitively link to them and what is going on in their world. The types of experiences I pick up can vary from words and sounds to visual images of things happening around them, and even objects and animal friends that they draw close to. I sometimes hear a song and often the lyrics have veiled messages which mean something to you, as their family.

Puzzling behaviour in pets can be worrying and often it can be really hard to know what’s going on. Behavioural problems can often be multifactorial and animal communication can really help.

A distance communication session coupled with reiki can lead to a deeper:

-Connection to your animal's feelings

-Understanding of your animal's traumas and needs

-Healing on the level/s that they need it the most

All my distance communication sessions are carried out with love, care, compassion and kindness through following my LOVE™ Methodology. 

“All in all Vicky, these sessions have been great and there is a difference in Bear. The next stage for us is to take him for some puppy training classes. Thank you so much, we seem to have a better understanding of one another.”

Ann, Owner of Bear, Ireland

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