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How does a distance animal communication session work?

Updated: Feb 11

As a pet owner, you may be wondering how a distance animal communication session works. You may also be pondering how working with an animal communicator can help you and your beloved animal. I often get asked questions about the animal communication process, so I thought I’d take some time to explain a little bit about how my animal communication sessions work.

Firstly, I’d like to share a little bit about my own personal story. I didn’t learn how to communicate with animals by reading books and following anyone’s suggestions or process, and that is not to say that there aren’t good books and courses out there, there are. However, for me, it was a very natural and intuitive unfolding, one which came at a time where I was working with energy and studying for my Reiki Second Degree and my Animal Magic Healer Diploma, a healing modality based on reiki principles.

I was very keen to specialise in energy healing for animals. I wanted to help identify where animals were encountering issues, ones that were proving to be perplexing to their humans, and to understand what was contributing to these. Animal communication became a natural evolution of my reiki practice and energy work. Being around animals was always the most natural thing in the world to me, I have been best friends with cats since I was born.

My own animal communication journey started unexpectedly, when I connected with a ginger cat who had gone missing in my local area. I was able to connect with his owner who had posted on a missing animal website and shared messages with her. Animal communication is never forced or on demand, it is a very natural process of intuitive connection.

You may have specific questions in mind, and I will work with those, but I find it more helpful to keep the communication session unstructured, and let your pet share what is going on in their world, in a more natural exchange, one that isn't forced. This approach brings things forward things that you may never have even thought of. And it gives you proof and evidence that animal communication really works.

For example, a cat who showed me his teeth were causing him issues, unbeknown to his owner. He was then rushed into a dental emergency surgery a few days later. A pony who showed me he was experiencing issues with ambient noise that was causing him stress. A dog that was rolling things around in the kitchen, showing me that he was playing with spirits and very connected to the spirit world. Each communication session is a perfect and natural flow of messages from your pet to me.

As an animal communicator, I connect through touching a photo of your pet and linking in energetically to their world. I then listen to what your pet communicates through non-verbal intuitive messages, and what I see through visual images. This means it is not a conversation which is out loud, but rather a telepathic mind-to-mind exchange from the animal and human. I can either provide written notes of these messages or I can record these as an audio file for you to listen back to.

What can an animal communication session help with? The animal communication session will be unique to you and your pet and whatever they want to share or questions you would like to ask. This can include where they feel discomfort (which is best followed up with a reiki healing session), what they really enjoy doing, how they are feeling, what is causing them stress, who their best friend is, and even what they enjoy or dislike eating. For example, I had one client’s animal show me he craved pea protein, it turns out his owner later confirmed that was literally picking peas out of his feed and was leaving everything else!). I have been shown what pets are doing when their owner is not at home.

There is sometimes no rhyme and reason to the flow of the messages, but very often your pet has messages of love for you, their family. I have been shown the animals around them, especially the ones they really like and draw close to. Even animals in spirit. They may know things about you that no one can possibly know.

What can a remote animal communication session help with? The benefits of a distance animal healing session include:

· Finding out why your pet is acting out of character

· Finding out why your pet is stressed

· Finding out where there are experiencing issues

· Discovering what your pet likes (and doesn’t like) food wise

· Helping you to understand what’s contributing to your pet’s health or wellbeing issues

· Helping you to understand where your pet feels the most comfortable

· Helping to locate a pet that has got lost or gone missing

Animal communication can also help in the following situations, where you want to:

· Understand your pet’s soul journey with you

· Understand your pet’s personality, pet astrology and a look at your pet’s astrological chart will help with this, if you know their date of birth.

· Understand your pet’s puzzling behaviour

· Feel closer to your pet

· Understand why your pet does things the way they do

· Understand why your pet has been vocalising

· Understand why your pet won’t play or show interest in playing

· Understand what they want you to do more of

· Understand what they want you to do less of

· Make your pet happier in themselves

And the list goes on.

A pet communication or animal communication session really is one of the most wonderful and beautiful ways to connect with your animal and to understand them and their needs on a deeper level. It really is a gift to you both. Many of my clients comment that a session helps bring them closer together than ever before and facilitates a deeper understanding.

As a fully insured animal communicator qualified in Animal Magic Healing, I work with my carefully developed LOVE Methodology ™ to ensure that each session is conducted in a consistent way, one which helps you to make decisions that help your animal to be the best version of their wonderful selves. Find out more about my distance pet communication sessions.

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