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Do animals have best friends?

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Have you ever wondered if your animal has a best friend? In my experience of doing animal communication work, I have noticed that dogs and horses both like to show me other important animals they draw close to, both here, and also animal family who have passed to the spiritual realm.

These ‘best friends’ tend to be a favourite one or two companions, with horses particularly enjoying the close presence of their favourite horse friend. This is in line with approximately 14% of humans, who research shows have 1-2 close friends and a further 39% who have 3-5 close friends.

Cats on the other hand, tend to be more independent, and in my experience are more introverted socially. Some will feel a strong bond to one other cat, commonly if they’ve been together in the same household for a long time and if they have really bonded since they were young.

In my experience, cats are more likely to form a best friend type of attachment to one or both of their human family members. I’d say that most but not all cats fit into the category of having no close cat friends. Only 2% of humans have no close friends. Which could be why cats make such wonderful pets for highly introverted people.

A study published in Psychology Today showed that dog owners were about 15% more extroverted, on average, than cat people. This means that, as pet owners, we are definitely drawn to similar qualities in our furry family; maybe subliminally seeking out furry family members who reflect our personality traits and preferences for introversion/extraversion.

Who does your animal connect to? Find out how my animal communication work can help you to discover their most important bonds.

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