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Do animals remember past experiences?

Updated: Jul 1

The notion that non-human animals possess episodic memory—memories of past experiences—has long been a subject of debate due to the perceived lack of self-awareness in these beings. However, scientific studies have shown that certain species, like rats, hummingbirds, and great apes, exhibit ‘episodic-like’ memory by recalling complex sequences crucial for survival. This raises the possibility that other animals may similarly possess such memory capabilities.

Through my soul-centred approach to connecting intuitively with animals, I’ve encountered compelling evidence that animals indeed retain memories, particularly of traumatic experiences. During intuitive sessions, animals have shown me specific items, places, and situations tied to past traumas, which owners have confirmed.

Cats are known for their remarkable memories; they can reportedly remember a person’s face for up to 10 years and form strong negative associations with past traumas, avoiding triggers related to those memories. Similarly, horses exhibit excellent memories, recalling human friends after long separations and retaining problem-solving strategies for over a decade.

In my soul-centred animal communication practice, I’ve communicated with cats, dogs, and horses, uncovering past traumas that continue to influence their behaviour significantly. These traumas range from experiences like wearing collars (even if they didn’t wear one at the time), to incidents involving water, loud noises, and specific equipment like stirrups for horses.

Using my LOVE Methodology™ (Listen, Observe, Validate, Enrich), I validate these experiences with owners, confirming that past traumas are often pivotal in shaping current behaviours and contributing to behavioural issues.

Traumas aren’t limited to abandonment; they encompass any impactful incidents that animals retain vividly, affecting their well-being and behaviour patterns. For instance, in one of my remote animal communications sessions, I visualised issues with a collar, despite not the cat not wearing one at the time. Validating this through my methodology revealed that the animal had been traumatised by a collar incident years ago, influencing its behaviour since.

As research evolves, we may gain deeper insights into the duration and emotional depth of animals’ memories, akin to human experiences. Perhaps, during their dreams, animals reminisce about cherished moments—a comforting cuddle or a thrilling exploration of a new neighbourhood.

In each remote animal reiki and communication session, I energetically connect with your animal using the Trinity Technique of animal healing. By balancing their chakras related to fears and memories, I facilitate emotional, physical, and mental healing. This approach often results in noticeable improvements such as reduced stress-induced behaviours or increased vitality in cases of low energy.

I believe in the profound connection between animals’ memories and their overall well-being. Through soul-centred methods, we honour their experiences and support their healing journey on all levels.

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