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Introducing... Missing pet reiki and communication sessions 🐱 🐶

Updated: Jun 18

Over the last 6 months I have been contacted by pet owners looking for help with lost cats and dogs. An experienced animal reiki healer and communicator, this wasn’t something I was planning to offer but I felt compelled to help out. When I first started my animal reiki and communication practice, I hadn’t even considered the possibility that this was something that I could help with.

Fast forward a year, and the results of my recent reiki and communication work helping pet owners with their lost animals have been really positive. I see the the ever-increasing numbers of sweet faces of missing pets popping up in my feed on Facebook and across social media meant, I felt increasingly drawn, as a lightworker and empath, to help out pet owners by offering missing pet reiki and communication support package to pet owners across the UK and the world.

Having had first-hand experience of a missing pet, I understand how worrying and distressing it is for your pet to go missing. With each passing day, you feel hopeless and increasingly helpless that your beloved animal will return. You call on the support of your family, friends and community to rally together and spread the message to help find your pet and keep the light of hope shimmering.

This is where remote pet reiki can offer a beautiful ray of hope for you and your beloved pet in worrying times. My animal reiki work is done at a distance and provides a natural energetic method of connecting with your pet to help aid a safe return, if they are able to do so.

How does remote pet reiki for lost pets work? I will connect to your animal using a recent photo that you have provided of them to start the session. Reiki is shared in same way as in person; by connecting with your animal energetically. Reiki is shared with the intent of keeping them focused on getting home, if they are able to, and staying safe, near animal loving people who can find and assist them if they’ve gone too far or are in difficult situations. I will share any messages that I telepathically receive from your pet.

My remote lost pet reiki and communication sessions will provide:-

  • Energetic support by sharing reiki with them to draw and guide them home, if they are trying to return

  • Messages from your pet to you. These will be provided on email following on from the session

  • Energetic and angelic assistance to keep your animal protected and safe until they return or are found

I am not able to guarantee results or to locate your pet’s specific whereabouts. My new offer is not a ‘remote viewing’ service but is designed to energetically draw your animal home and keep them safe, if, and until they are able to return. I am an animal communicator as well as animal reiki practitioner, and when connecting with some missing pets, but I often receive messages about whether they are close (to home) or further away. I will write up any messages received during the session and they will be sent to you on email.

If you have a missing pet, I would be delighted to work with you and am wishing for the happy return of your beloved animal in 2024 ❤️ And in the meantime, here are a few other useful resources to help in your plight to locate your missing pet: Animal Search UK | The UKs largest missing pet organisation. If you have found a stray animal check out the RSPCA’s advice here Lost & found pet advice | RSPCA.

Vicky. x


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