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How does remote pet reiki work?

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

"How does remote pet reiki work?" Many people ask me this question, along with “how do I know it is happening when it’s being sent?” and "what signs should I look for when healing is being sent?" So I thought I’d put together a blog to answer some of these questions in more detail.

Distance reiki works in exactly the same way as reiki received in person for your animal or for a human, if you have ever received reiki in person. The difference with remote reiki is that the energy is channelled through connecting intuitively with your pet at a distance, no matter how far away they are. I share reiki though connecting and linking in energetically through touching a photo of your pet, as if they were there in front of me in person.

During a remote pet reiki session I work through each chakra one at a time, beginning at the Crown chakra. I can sense the flow - whether the energy is moving fast, slow or erratically. and identifying whether the energy feels strong and positive, calm and balanced or erratic. If there is a lot of erratic energy, the chakra is out of balance, which can mean the animal is filled with fear, for example, if the solar plexus chakra energy is very overactive, it could mean that they are storing up a lot of nervous energy. I have seen erratic crown chakra when animals feel confused and disoriented, and even misunderstood by their owner.

I work through each of your animal's chakras, one by one, to identify where the energy isn’t flowing well or is out of balance. I then focus the last part of the pet reiki session on the chakras which are out of balance, looking to help bring them into balance.

What signs should you look out for when pet reiki healing is being sent?

Animals are all individuals and respond in different ways to remote pet reiki. They may become quite relaxed and sleepy, showing signs of yawning and dozing off. They may also show signs of activation, such as moving around, looking around themselves and the room and becoming more alert. Every animal responds differently to the reiki.

You may wonder how you know that the healing has worked. Again, there are a number of different experiences depending on the animal. Here are five examples of how a remote pet reiki could help your animal; these are some of the most common outcomes from my experience of sharing remote reiki with animals across the world.

1. Stressed and overactive animals become much calmer and centred

I have many clients come to me with animals showing signs of behavioural issues, including biting and pulling out their own fur and limbs, chewing things that they shouldn’t and other signs of destructive behaviour. Sometimes this can be excessive energy or vocalisation which sounds extremely loud and distressing and/or goes on for a long period of time. Some animals are very alert to everything around them, even the littlest things they find unsettling. Reiki can help to bring balance and calm to your animal.

2. Lethargic animals may have more energy

Reiki is universal life force energy and will flow to wherever it is needed by the animal. So if your animal is experiencing pain in an area of their body, the chakras linked to the pain will be the ones that take in the energy and I will focus in on these areas. This can help your pet to become more energised and help them to engage more with the world around them.

3. Animals that aren’t eating as much as they usually do or have disengaged with their food start eating again

If your pet has stopped showing the usual enthusiasm for their food then reiki combined with distance pet communication can help to show where this is manifesting, and can help to pinpoint the issue, whether it’s the food itself, or more of an emotional or physical issue that they are experiencing.

4. Animals that haven’t been themselves start to show signs of their old self re-emerging

If your pet hasn’t been their usual self and has lost interest in things they enjoy generally such as playing, you may see signs of them showing interest in things again.

5. Your animal seems happier in themselves

If your pet’s energy seems low and they seem quite depressed or subdued, they are likely to have chakras which are imbalanced and remote pet reiki can help them to open up and be lighter and brighter in their energetic vibrations.

Animal reiki is a truly beautiful process of connection and sharing universal energy to help to facilitate natural healing for your animal on a number of different levels, this can include emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and behavioural. It works well as a complementary support to animals who are undergoing veterinary treatment.

To find out more and book a session please visit my Animal reiki booking page.

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