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The Sacral chakra in animals 🧡

Updated: May 11, 2023

Does your animal love to play? Are they super excited to see you and filled with energy? If so, they are literally radiating with (sacral chakra) energy. But this can also manifest as the inability to stay calm and settled too, which happens in animals with imbalanced sacral energy.

The location of the Sacral chakra, the centre of your animal's pleasure, is on the belly, just above the sex organs. This chakra is associated with the colour orange, which is a combination of the physical colour of red, symbolising action, and of yellow, symbolising, joy, happiness and brightness and the feeling and sense of self-acceptance.

The colour orange symbolises warmth, energy, vitality, cheer, excitement and passion. The Sacral chakra is ruled by the element of water which symbolically represents flow and flexibility, this is appropriate because the chakra is associated with the bladder, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

A well-balanced Solar plexus chakra means that your animal likely has a strong and very positive life force, coupled with the ability to enjoy pleasure and have fun. It’s likely that they are well balanced in their energy levels and that they love to play with you, their favourite humans, and other animals too.

Signs of imbalanced Sacral chakras in animals can include a lack of interest in play, spending too much time sleeping and depression. They may show a lack of interest generally, this can include affection, playing or even eating food.

They could also be at the other end of the spectrum, in that they are restless and need too much play and overindulge. If they simply can’t settle and can come across as overbearing and seeking attention, this chakra could be imbalanced. I have also found that this chakra can be imbalanced in animals who destructively chew items and objects that they shouldn't.

You can work with the Sacral chakra through gently rubbing or holding your hand on your animal’s lower belly, if they allow you to do this. Crystals associated with this chakra include Carnelian and Orange Calcite.

In each of my distance animal and communication reiki sessions, I work through balancing each of the chakras for your pet.

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