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How can reiki help my cat?

Reiki really is a wonderful gift to your cat, whatever they are going through. As a cat parent (and lover) myself, I’ve seen first-hand how beautifully cats respond to reiki. Where there’s a need for them to be more settled and comfortable around others, reiki can help to facilitate a state of equilibrium. If they need to heal, such as following on from surgery or trauma, reiki can help facilitate their journey back to their happiest and healthiest selves.

Reiki is a natural Japanese technique, a complementary therapy and form of energy healing that promotes healing. The reiki healer’s hands are used to transfer the reiki to the intended source, either in person, or at a distance. Here are 4 examples of situations where reiki can help your cat:

1. When there are lots of changes at home which are unsettling – perhaps you have loud and disruptive remodelling work underway, such as a new kitchen or bathroom in progress. Or perhaps you are moving home soon and want to ensure your pet is supported during the transition.

2. When you receive unexpected visitors, sometimes friends or even close family members. Just like introverted humans, the doorbell going can be startling and anxiety inducing for our feline family members. And for many cats, their instinctive reaction can be to hide away.

3. Ongoing health challenges - If your pet has ongoing health issues which they are seeing a vet for, reiki can provide complementary help to support them

4. Odd and/or unusual behaviour – If your cat is acting out of character, your vet should always be your first port of call

If your cat regularly exhibits signs of anxiety and distress, or is going through any of the above listed situations, it can be hard to know how to help them. You may have tried lots of things with mixed results and still feel worried, sad and concerned. The good news is that animal communication with reiki can work well to help to uncover what is contributing to their behaviour and to identify which specific chakras require support, either to be brought into balance or opened up.

During each remote cat reiki session, I connect to your cat energetically by using a recent clear photograph you have provided. I connect to reiki and then link into each chakra one at a time, starting from the Crown at the top of the head and then working down, to the lowest chakra, which is the Root chakra, at the base of the spine.

During a distance cat reiki session for your cat, I make observations of each of the chakras to pass information on to you, as their cherished caregiver. I spend time sending reiki to each chakra to bring it into balance, a technique known as 'chakra balancing'. I am able to sense and feel the energetic flow of each chakra. I will always focus on the chakras which are most in need of bringing into balance and provide you with details and messages following on from the session, using my Chakra balancing and Client session feedback forms.

To find out more, visit my remote pet reiki page or book a distance pet reiki session for your cat today.

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