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The Heart chakra in animals

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

During my animal reiki and communication sessions I often experience a beautiful outpouring of love for you, as your animal’s human family. I also find that the communication and messages for you really flow freely when I connect to your animal’s Heart chakra. This is because this is often one of the most active and open chakras, especially in animals who feel really well connected to their human family. Yes, animals are pure love ❤️

The Heart chakra is situated near the heart in the centre of the chest, and it is associated with various shades of the healing colour green and also pink, reflecting gentle and soothing love.

The colour green has many spiritual meanings; it is the colour of peace, regeneration, nature, abundance and new growth. It is nourishing and symbolises vitality. Pink represents gentleness and unconditional love, comfort, nurturing and acceptance.

The Heart chakra is your animal’s centre for compassion, empathy and forgiveness. It is also the centre of feeling, giving and receiving love. Crystals associated with this chakra include Rose Quartz, Emerald, Green Aventurine, Green Jade and Malachite.

Signs of a balanced heart chakra in animals include:

  • Strong and healthy relationships with you and other animals

  • Shows of love and affection

  • Wanting to be physically close to you and/or others

  • Expressing their love vocally to you

  • Healthy circulation

  • Showing strong empathy, for example, they look to comfort you if you’re sad

  • Having a strong sense of inner peace and being very serene

Heart chakra issues can relate to the thymus gland, lungs, shoulders, upper back, heart, and circulatory system. Signs of animal Heart chakra imbalances include:

-Spending lots of time on their own, away from you and other human family members

-Difficulties in showing you affection

-Looking sad and/or struggling with depression

-Turning down affection

-Heart and circulation related issues

-Displays of aggression and anger

Closed and imbalanced Heart chakras can be seen in animals who struggle to accept affection, have previously been alone or feral and/or have in households where they felt unsafe. For animals that have been abandoned or neglected, this chakra can be closed and imbalanced, indicating a mistrust of humans.

If you feel your animal is not receptive to love, I recommend a reiki and communication session to help you to understand why this is, and to help open your animal's Heart chakra to receiving love.

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